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Massage promotes healing, relaxation and rejuvenation...
Therapeutic touch has been shown to have an enormous impact on wellness. Massage promotes healing, relaxation and rejuvenation by targeting certain areas of the body and applying different forms or types of touch and pressure, called massage techniques, which include effleurage, petrissage, rocking and trigger point therapy.

While massages can vary widely, the therapist delivers a customized therapeutic massage to best meet the client’s needs. By listening to what you need, the massage therapist are able to blend techniques to deliver a truly customized massage experience that we do our very best to meet or exceed your expectations.    


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                                    swedish massage: $120/60 min // $145/75 min // $160/90 min
                                    the most traditional type of massage that uses long, fluid strokes to
                                    manipulate the superficial layers of the muscles to improve your
                                    overall well-being. benefits include:   

                                                   - improve circulation
                                                   - decrease stress & muscle tension
                                                   - improve range of motion


                                     deep tissue massage: $120/60 min // $145/75 min // $160/90 min                                                                   this type of massage uses a firmer or more sustained amount of
                                     pressure to target the deeper layers of tissue, including the
                                     muscles, which is very different from the flow of a traditional
                                     full body swedish massage. benefits include:

                                                  - helps relieve chronic pain & tension
                                                  - lowers blood pressure
                                                  - breaks down scar tissue


                                     prenatal Massage: $120/60 min // $145/75 min // $160/90 min
                                     congratulations! you are creating the miracle of life. there is
                                     nothing in the world like the nine-month miracle of pregnancy
                                     you will be comfortably supported with pillows during your
                                     massage. in later pregnancy, you can experience a complete
                                     massage comfortably supported in a side-lying position. you will
                                     be draped with a sheet everywhere except the part of the body
                                     being massaged. benefits include:

                                                   - reduce low back & neck pain
                                                   - reduces stress & anxiety
                                                   - improve better sleep


                                      integrative reflexology: $120/60 min // $145/75 min // $160/90 min
                                      reflexology is an ancient technique that applies pressure to the
                                      feet, hands, & ears and is based on a theory that these body parts
                                      are connected to certain organs and systems of the body.
                                      integrative reflexology is a combination of reflexology & massage
                                      techniques that creates a balanced state of overall well-being.
                                      benefits include:

                                                    - decreased anxiety
                                                    - calmer digestion
                                                    - less pain

trigger point.jpg

                                      trigger point massage: $120/60 min // $145/75 min // $160/90 min
                                      designed to increase circulation and nutrition to your muscles. the
                                      massage therapist will relieve chronically tense and contracted areas
                                      of your body to reduce soft tissue inflammation. this treatment will
                                      break down adhesion's (band's of painful, rigid tissue) in muscles,
                                      tendons, and ligaments to increase your range of motion and leave
                                      you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.

oncology massage.jpg

                                      oncology massage: $120/60 min
                                      this is the modification of existing massage therapy techniques in
                                      order to safely work with complications of cancer and cancer
                                      treatment. essential aspects of an oncology massage therapist's skill
                                      set are an informed understanding of the disease itself and the many
                                      ways it can affect the human body; the side effects of cancer
                                      treatments, such as medications, surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation;
                                      and the ability to modify massage techniques in order to adapt for
                                      these side effects, as well as for the disease.

hot stone.jpg

                                      hot stone massage: $140/60 min // $165/75 min // $180/90 min
                                      this follows the same principles as swedish massage, but with the use of                                          heated ceramic stones. the heat from the stones help relax the soft
                                      tissue & ease muscle tension & discomfort. benefits include:

                                                              - reduce stress & anxiety
                                                              - may help relieve symptoms of autoimmune diseases
                                                              - promote better sleep

                                       accepting empire nyship only: (medical massage) 60 minutes
                                       A medical massage based on patients pain diagnosis.  The massage                                                        therapist can include a various use of modalities and techniques to                                              target the specific area of diagnosis. While a customizable massage may                                        successfully relax or temporarily relive some stress, a medical massage                                        therapy treatment is planned out with a specific goal in mind, and                                                  your massage will factor into a larger treatment plan that is based                                               around your health needs and goals. Please do not book online                                                     unless you have been approved 
for treatment by our office, you must                                           call. As soon as your benefits are established, I will reach out to you                                          directly to go over what your policy will cover.

                                      *Script or Doctors Note required*


                                       no-fault massage: 60 minutes
                                       This scheduling option is available only to No-Fault insurance                                                           claimants who are currently receiving treatment through our                                                       office. If you wish to receive massage therapy under your auto                                                           insurance no-fault option, you must call for an appointment.  please                                             have your insurance information and adjuster's name available. click                                          here for the list of insurance companies that are accepted.                       

                             Please do not book online unless you  have been
                                 approved for treatment by our office, you must call.      





                                      Aromatherapy: $10
                                      a powerful way to enhance the effectiveness of your massage. it can
                                      calm the nerves, promote physical and emotional health, lift the
                                      spirits and energize the body.

relieves sinus problems, congestion, joint & muscle pain and mental fatigue
click here for contraindications
relieves anxiety and stress and promotes a general feeling of well being
click here for contraindications
increases mental alertness which can provide a great pick-me-up
click here for contraindications


CBD STAT_edited.jpg

cbd stat products are the strongest products on the market, which means maximum effects.  it is also thc-free, confirmed by third-party testing.  Other brands are often low strength, expensive, and can still contain thc. cbd is a natural, non-intoxicating chemical found in cannabis and it has anti-inflammatory, antidepressant, and antibacterial properties. faq's about this product can be found here. there are no additional costs to add this to your treatment. you can purchase from us in-store for your convenience. you can email us any time to request your own cbd product! Benefits Include:

                              -soothe sore muscles & joints
                              -calm inflammation
                              -reduce chronic pain

hot stone.jpg

10 minute hot stone spot treatment: $10
heated ceramic stones will be used to treat problem spots that you are experiencing. the heat from the stones will help relax the soft tissue & ease muscle tension & discomfort. a good option for a quick fix in that problem spot!

all specials cannot be combined with any other offers or gift cards. Gift Cards/Packages/Subscriptions may be redeemed for treatments only. No cash value. No returns. Once purchased, the gift card is active and can be used at your leisure, there's no expiration. I accept cash/Visa/MC/Amex/Discover/paypal/Venmo/zelle/FSA/HSA/no-fault/empire nyship. save when you pay with cash/paypal/venmo/zelle on packages.

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