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Meet Our Massage Therapist

owner of massage by heather and licensed massage therapist

about me: When I was only 15 years old, I faced a frightening diagnosis: Hodgkin's Disease. Feeling grateful and fortunate to survive, and who has been cancer-free since 1997, I have dedicated my life to helping others who suffer from pain and disease with the amazing power of massage therapy.
Since 2002, I've worked with clients of all ages who are seeking massage for a variety of reasons. I remind my clients of the importance of taking time out for themselves, and cautions them not to wait until they are in pain to make their next massage appointment.

During an initial session with me, I will discuss the client's health history and areas of concern, and together design an individual treatment plan specifically designed for the client's needs. I'm committed to creating a caring atmosphere in which my clients never feel rushed or pressured, but can lay back, relax, heal and enjoy.
"I have a wholistic philosophy and believe in all things in moderation. I try to help my clients make connections between what they are experiencing physically and mentally with their daily activities and habits, to help them problem solve and to make improvements in their overall health and wellness."

Office Hours

september 1, 2022 - june 23, 2023

Mondays 1p-7p
Tuesdays 9:15a-2:15p
Wednesdays 9:15a-2:15p
Thursdays closed
Fridays 9:15a-2:15p
Saturdays 9a-2p

Sundays closed

summer hours:
june 24 -- august 31, 2023

Mondays 1p-7p
Tuesdays 10a-4p
Wednesdays 10a-4p
Thursdays closed
Fridays 10a-4p
Saturdays 9a-2p

Sundays closed

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