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Back Massage


"Heather is a phenomenal massage therapist. I was in an accident and my recovery was slow, however, it seemed to accelerate greatly as soon as my doctor referred me to Heather--adding massage to my treatment plan. Heather works in their office, and I've noticed my back feels significantly better ever since. She's great about scheduling and very thorough during the massage. I say she's my treatment "secret sauce" because whatever she's doing is working!" 12/2019


"Heather is phenomenal!!! Especially for people needing massage therapy Along with other orthopedic issues, Every disc in my spine is fused. This leads to a lot of muscle knots in your upper back. Most massage therapists don't know how to handle someone with spinal issues, believe me, I've tried and called many. But heather is my miracle worker!!! Within 4 sessions, Heather worked out so many muscle knots, decreasing my pain quite a bit. Most importantly, she knows what not to do!!!! I'm a lifetime client!! "  10/2018


"Heather is my absolute favorite massage therapist. I have gone to many massage therapists over the years as I  always get regular massages for relaxation, trouble areas, stress relief and general wellness. Heather is friendly, pleasant, flexible, accommodating, effectively treats my problem spots, customizes each massage according to my individual needs, all in a relaxing atmosphere with nice ambiance. Very highly recommended!" 07/2012

Back Massage


"I was suffering from a sports injury that would not go away. After a few sessions with Heather the pain began to leave. I am now playing again and feel much better. I feel very fortunate to have recently found Heather. I consider her to be a natural and a master at her craft!" 05/2012


"I was having severe low back pain which was relieved after one session! Heather was very professional and very accommodating to my time schedule. The environment was also very relaxing. Heather also gave me some stretching tips that I do to help prevent the pain from returning. Thank you for relieving my pain!" 08/28/08


Heather is very accommodating, always upbeat, asks you before you begin of any issues and gives you the full time..she's quiet if you want quiet or talks only if you want to talk. I have been going to her for years and she never disappoints. 2018

Back Massage


I’ve been with Heather for the past several years. Her knowledge and ability to deal with your personal physical ailments shows her dedication and professionalism to her being one of the best Massage Therapists in the area. I would highly recommend Heather to anyone needing a massage therapist.


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